What are Behavioural Problems?

Many children, but also adults deal with various behavioural issues on a daily basis. Left untreated, the individual will have significant difficulty living a normal life as behaviours can become bad habits and bad habit can create chaos in a person’s life.  Some of these behaviours are rooted in mental health issues that people suffer from (experience of trauma, ADHD etc.), but some are related to environmental factors such as poor nutrition, being bullied, high levels of stress.

Why do Behavioural Problems occur?

Behavioural problems are often the result of a brain looking for neural pathways that can eliminate anxiety.  This, in turn, causes the individual to bypass rational thinking activating the fight-flight centres of the brain resulting in erratic behaviour. It is thus significant to receive help for any behavioural problems at the onset of when these symptoms first appear and take care of the root causes of these problems.

Behavioural problems result in significant functional difficulties, with the suffering individual unable to behave in a normal and expected manner. Difficulties that an individual has can include:

  • Inability to sit quietly in class and easily angered by harmless encounters or situations

  • Associations with drug use as a result of coping with the issues or irritability, often resulting in increased problems and difficulties

  • Inability to work effectively in the workplace environment as a result of irritability or anger at specific tasks or in talking or interacting with co-workers or managers

  • Social difficulty making friends or developing relationships as a result of severe anger issues and irritability

  • Difficulty communicating with family and easily angered at various instances or in talking

  • Acting out to gain attention and love

Common symptoms of Behavioural Problems include:

  • Anger

  • Irritability

  • Rebelliousness

  • Compulsivity

  • Sudden fits or tantrums

  • Aggressiveness

  • Rigidity

Treatments for Behavioural Problems:

Just like all the other conditions that we treat, our philosophy remains one that defines the problems, identifies the causes and formulates and implements holistic solutions that would work at eliminating the cause. Life Coaching helps identify the triggers and take steps to minimize them. Our Psychotherapies such as relaxation therapies and Clinical Hypnosis alleviate the underlying anxiety or attachment issues.

QEEG Mapping provides an exact road map based on 55 brain areas and describes in details the difficulties at each brain region. Neurofeedback after QEEG Mapping can train the brain and eliminate anxiety and attachment problems. Through Nutrition Counselling and Functional Medicine, we eliminate any toxins or allergens or nutritional deficiencies as cause(s) of behavioural dysfunction. Finally, Microcurrent Therapy addresses pain issues associated with the behaviour and Biofeedback reduces the over-excitation of the sympathetic nervous system in order to reduce emotional reactivity.