Family Therapy

What is Family Therapy?

Our families can be a source of strength and support, but at times when conflict occurs for whatever reason, our families can become a source of distress for us. Family Therapy is a strategy that is designed to address different problems and conflicts that have arisen and are affecting the functioning and health of a family.

Nearly all families experience levels of dysfunction at some point in life and all members of the family unit affect one another and shape each other on who they are and who they become, whether for the better or worse. Given the complex connection and interdependency of members within a family, often such complexities result in differences and ultimately, conflicts. However, through therapy, it is possible for families to maintain and regain a sense of happiness and wholeness. According to the

Our therapists will employ different family therapy techniques (such as structural family therapy, insight-oriented family therapy, narrative family therapy etc.) to address root causes of conflicts that cause dysfunction within your family system. Through a specified and personalized treatment plan, you will be equipped with skills to deepen your connections and relationships with members of your family which will help you navigate your way through resolving communication barriers and challenges within your family.

What benefits do you get from doing Family Therapy with Elumind?

You discover and resolve problems or conflicts between members in a family
You help members in a family properly communicate with one another
You repair fragmented relationships and recreate trust among family members
You resolve issues arising from cross generational boundaries
You equip families with skills to address, develop, and maintain a peaceful and content family setting
You develop a better understanding of yourself and your family members
You and your family members develop deeper empathy for one another
You develop a better understanding of healthy boundaries
You and your family members learn to let go and forgive each other
You help bring back family member who have been isolated