DISCLAIMER: Please note that Elumind Centres for Brain Excellence is a brain/mental health centre that provides evidence-based treatments. While we strive to improve the quality of life of people seeking our treatments, we cannot guarantee that the treatments that we offer work in every situation. In many cases, while one type of treatment (such as neurofeedback) may be helpful, often a combination of two or more types of treatments (ie. a combination of neurofeedback and counselling) are necessary to achieve the most optimal results. After your clinical assessment and determining the issue at hand, we always start with the gold standard treatment(s) followed by other evidence-based treatments. Please note that each clinician working at Elumind is bound by the rules and regulations of his/her respective college/association. Also, please be aware that the information provided on our website does not represent medical advice. Please refer to your own health provider/physician for any medical advice. At Elumind Centres we strive for excellence in brain/mental health while instilling hope and providing healing.


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