What is Clinical Hypnosis ?

Clinical Hypnosis (sometimes referred to as Hypnotherapy) is a psychotherapeutic technique that uses a strategy of relaxation and concentration to guide an individual into a state of extreme relaxation, known as a trance. This technique allows an individual to be placed in a hypnotic state which allows the individual to deal with and get through painful thoughts, feelings, emotions, and memories that their conscious mind might have repressed or pushed away.

Clinical Hypnosis is extremely useful and suitable for a range of conditions such as: combating anxiety, stress, depression, and pain as it allows the individual to more readily endure their harmful thoughts or emotions.  Clinical Hypnosis has vast applications both in medicine and mental health. It can take anywhere from 6-20 weekly sessions of Clinical Hypnosis to see changes and this, of course, depends on the nature of the problem.

What benefits do you get from doing Clinical Hypnosis with Elumind?

You advance into a hypnotic state thereby allowing you to become more willing to deal with suppressed thoughts, feelings, emotions or fears
You get placed into a heightened state of relaxation which bypasses normal pain receptors in the brain thus allowing you to withstand the pain associated with memories or fears
You create long lasting positive improvements in mind, body, and your health through the continued use of clinical hypnosis