What is Interpersonal Psychotherapy?

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) is a form of short-term therapy focused on improving communication patterns (or resolve interpersonal conflicts) as well as help relieve symptoms of depression.  As an attachment-based therapy, IPT addresses relations between a depressed individual and his/her friends and family.

Interpersonal psychotherapy can be used to help an individual who has depression by improving their interpersonal relationships and the ways the individual interacts with others.  Also, IPT is used for role transitions (for example: someone going through a job loss or divorce) as well as grief.

Our IPT therapists guide you in recognizing areas in need of interpersonal skill development and providing you with improved skills to get through depressive symptoms. These newly learnt skills will help enhance your relationships and decrease the depressive symptoms.

What benefits do you get from doing Interpersonal Psychotherapy with Elumind?

You learn new coping skills so that you can deal with problems or criticism more easily
You gain knowledge of advanced ways of problem-solving
You acquire new communication skills and you hone your old ones
You can process your grief from while feeling supported in a safe environment
You learn to let go of destructive and unhelpful patterns and habits that manifest as behaviours
You start enjoying improved relationships