How Medications can be helpful?

People often ask questions like: “Do I have ADHD?” or “Am I depressed?” or “How do I get rid of my depression or anxiety?” or “What can I do to have a better marriage, do better in school or do my job better?”

Depending on your situation (only if you are a pediatric patient) or your condition, Dr. Edalati may recommend or supply specific medications that are right for you. At Elumind, our goal is to make you aware of your lifestyle choices and how these choices can impact the quality of your life. As such we will first direct you to improve your nutrition, to be physically active, to sleep well, and finally to enjoy your social network, all four of which are the pillars of mental health.

Next, on a case-by-case basis (only for pediatric patients) and when needed, medications can be prescribed by us to reduce symptoms and suffering. We will thoroughly examine the medications that you have been previously prescribed or are currently taking and will ensure that those medications are carrying out their proper functions. Your health is our main goal and as such we will ensure that medications are used when appropriate.

What benefits do you get from getting Medication Advice (Pediatrics) at Elumind?

You receive the correct medication that will improve your body and mind.
You receive assurance that the medication you have been previously prescribed is working properly and effectively at the right dose and dosing schedule.
You receive corrected medication if necessary) that works more effectively and efficiently with your specific needs than previous prescribed medication.