Nutrition Counselling Online

In addition to mental health counseling and psychotherapy services, Elumind now offers nutrition counseling online at reduced prices. Our goal is to help you make sound decisions about your lifestyle choices and improve your health.

You are what you eat!  No really- your brain uses up to 30% of your daily calorie intake, but it matters what source of calories your brain is using.  This means the nutritional value of what we eat is vital in ensuring a healthy brain and a healthy lifestyle. Eating the right food and providing the body with the best fuel is paramount to the proper functioning of every system in the body.

One diet does not fit all. Whether you are looking for a complete lifestyle change or guidance on how to fine-tune and optimize your diet, our trained professionals offer comprehensive one-on-one nutrition consultations. We will provide you with the right nutritional plan based on your biochemical needs.

We recognize that the Coronavirus pandemic has created challenging times for people. Although we leave the cure for this pandemic to our expert colleagues, we will nonetheless provide you with general nutrition advice to help you improve your overall health for the long term.

At Elumind, we offer a variety of nutritional services and strategies that will improve your lifestyle. Our team of experts will provide you with a detailed analysis of what your current nutritional status is (we would highlight areas of improvement), relate this status to your current mental, emotional and physical health, and finally in collaboration with you, will devise a custom-designed nutritional program.

We will then have one of our health coaches help you with its
implementation, and with each step, we will educate you about the food that you put into your body.


What benefits do you get from getting Nutrition Counselling at Elumind?

You receive proper nutritional advice to correct an unbalanced or unhealthy lifestyle.
You gain knowledge and insight for treating weight loss or gaining weight.
You are provided information and knowledge about the importance and significance of having a healthy brain and body.
You improve general mood and daily behavior through planning and implementing changes in your nutrition.
You handle mental health disorders such as major depressive disorder or generalized anxiety disorder through effective nutritional guidelines.
You receive nutritional advice for your busy lifestyle.
You improve irregular or inconsistent sleep patterns.
You remove mind and body inflammation through informed choices in nutrition.